Q. How much do you charge per session?

Counselling services are covered by most extended health care plans. Please check your insurance provider for your specific coverage amounts.

Please contact Cait directly to discuss fees.

The cancellation policy is 24 hours. A late cancellation fee will be applied for all appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance of the booked session.

Q. What happens during the first counselling session?

This session is an information gathering session. This session is spent discussing general background information so I can get to know you and what’s going on for you.

This is a great time to get to know me as well, if you have any questions about the therapy process or what I do as a psychotherapist.

Q. How soon can I come in for an appointment?

I offer appointments during the afternoon and evening, Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. Depending on your schedule the goal is to see you within one week of contacting me. Evening appointments tend to be the first ones filled, so book early! 

Q. What is the length of a session and how many sessions will I need to attend?

My sessions are 50 minutes in length, which is the industry standard. The amount of sessions you attend will vary depending on your personal issues and your goals for therapy.

Clients that attend sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (to start) generally see benefits sooner than clients who come in less frequently. As you progress in counselling towards meeting your goals, we will see each other less frequently. 

Q. Is the information we talk about kept confidential?

Yes. All information about you is kept strictly confidential. No information will leave your file without your approval and written consent. 

Q. Are you the right person to help me? 

The best way to determine if I am the right person to help you is to come in for a session and see if you are comfortable talking about what’s going on for you.

There is nothing wrong with trying out multiple therapists, so don’t feel pressure to stick with one because you’ve had one (or a few) sessions.