In addition to psychotherapy, Cait is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200hr).

With a background in research on the mind-gut connection and studying anatomy and movement, Cait has created The Wellness Hour. In this session she combines gentle stretching, breathwork and meditation to provide relief for digestive issues, skeletal/muscle/joint pain, and physical presentations of stress in the body.

You can join her for a specialized one-on-one session or join one of her virtual classes.

If you are a business looking for mindfulness and movement breaks for your employees or just something to boost morale and energy, try out The Wellness Hour today. Cait offers virtual and in-person sessions, with all employees welcome.

What is Mindfulness?

The simple answer is: Mindfulness is living in the present moment. We let go of the past, and don’t worry about the future. We start to enjoy our present lives more and notice stress levels decrease as energy level and mood increases.

What is Yoga?

Many people associate yoga with flexibility and difficult poses. The reality is yoga is more about the individual. It can be as simple as laying down in a comfortable position and focusing on your breathing, or it can be as difficult as doing a class geared toward building stamina and strength using your own body weight.

Cait’s focus is on restorative yoga designed to induce deep relaxation and improve stress levels and sleep.

What is Breathwork?

When you think of breathing you might be thinking, “Yes, everyone alive is breathing.”

But did you know that often people with digestive issues, high stress levels or anxiety and chronic pain are often not breathing deep enough?

Cait provides a safe space to practice breathing properly and deeply to help induce relaxation. This is also a great grounding technique if you are anxious or in a state of panic.

Breathing deeply provides physical release which can improve mental health symptoms.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is when one focuses their mind on a specific thought (such as a positive affirmation) or, is guided by words from someone else. The goal is to calm the mind so that no thoughts intrude, and the focus becomes on the words being said or nothing at all. Thoughts start to float by like clouds, not eliciting an emotional or physical response as you sit or lay still.

The benefit of meditation is that it can be combined with your yoga or breathwork practice. It can be guided based on specific emotional needs such as building self-confidence, reducing work related stress, building positive relationships and so much more.

Reach out to Cait to learn more.